(NEW YORK) — Facebook announced Wednesday it is continuing its “temporary pause” on all ads about politics and social issues in the U.S.

“The temporary pause for ads about politics and social issues in the U.S. continues to be in place as part of our ongoing efforts to protect the election,” the social media giant said in update to a blogpost. “Advertisers can expect this to last another month, though there may be an opportunity to resume these ads sooner.”

Initially, Facebook did not explain how long the pause on all political ads in the U.S. would last, saying only that it would start after polls closed on Nov. 3 and was part of an effort to “to reduce opportunities for confusion or abuse.”

The extension of the ban, however, comes as the balance of power in the Senate still rests on two runoff elections in January.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee slammed Facebook’s decision in a statement Wednesday, arguing that it disproportionately hurts the Democratic Senate candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.

“Organic disinformation is the actual problem on these platforms, and continuing to ban ads is now actively harmful to organizations working to inform Georgia’s diverse voters about the January runoffs,” DSCC Executive Director Scott Fairchild said in a statement. “These ad bans are voter suppression plain and simple, they directly benefit Republican senators, and at a minimum there should be an exemption for ads in Georgia over the next two months.”

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