Richard Tyler Cantrell, 31, who has $100,000 in outstanding felony warrants that resulted from investigations by White Hall police, was arrested at a convenience store at 800 N. Bryant Street in Dollarway. White Hall police found an improvised explosive device Wednesday in a suspect’s vehicle, which also carried a toddler. The child was uninjured.

White Hall Police Chief Greg Shapiro that his department began looking for Cantrell after a tip. Officers then saw him park at the store, get out of a small black SUV, and go inside. Uniformed officers entered the store to make the arrest, but when Cantrell saw them, he attempted to flee out the back door of the business, which was locked. He then ran into the unoccupied women’s restroom, where he was taken into custody.

The vehicle Cantrell arrived in attempted to leave without him, but officers stopped it and arrested the adult female driver. A toddler and an adult female passenger were in the car, and the adult driver acknowledged being the child’s mother. The Arkansas DHS Division of Children and Family Services was notified and responded to the scene, then released the toddler to a family member. The female passenger was not charged and was released.

“Lt. Mickey Buffkin, Sgt. Steven Moreau and several of our patrol officers have been chasing this guy since May 20th,” Shapiro said. “They utilized social media, tips and their network of law enforcement contacts from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and it all culminated in the safe, effective capture of White Hall’s most wanted.”

Richard Tyler Cantrell, 31