Brandy Crutchfield Killed In Shootout

The Pine Bluff Police Department is investigating a shooting at an apartment complex that left one dead and another in custody. At about 4:45 p.m. officers responded to calls of a shooting in the parking lot of 2601 S Olive. When officers arrived they found two men, 26-year-old Daryll Broady and 29-year-old Brandy Crutchfield in the parking lot. Mr. Crutchfield was discovered to have multiple gunshot wounds and was later pronounced dead at the scene. Mr. Broady was taken into custody and is being interviewed by detectives.

Darryl Broady, Suspect

Two pistols, and several shell casings were recovered at the scene. The investigation is in the early stages but it appears both men had an argument prior to the shooting. At this time there are no other suspects being sought.