LITTLE ROCK — Entergy Arkansas has some tips on how Arkansans can stay warm this winter and save money.

With heating costs making up over half of a customer’s energy use, Entergy offered some alternatives to raising the temperature on your thermostat to help reduce costs:

  • Any path that leads outside should be sealed including windows and doors
  • If you adjust your thermostat, set it to 68 degrees and dress in layers – every degree above 68 raises your bill by nearly 3 %
  • It’s recommended that customers set their water heater to 120 degrees
  • Make sure to keep doors and windows closed preventing warm air from leaving your home and forcing your heater to work harder
  • Fans should be turning counterclockwise so cold air isn’t blowing.
  • The heating system works better with clean air filters – make sure to replace them accordingly
  • Open your curtains to let sunlight in during the day and close them a night to reduce the loss of heat

Entergy also offers a multitude of bill management resources as well as other resources for those in need such as:

  • Autopay
  • Level billing
  • PaperFree
  • Pick-A-Date
  • Understanding my bill
  • Payment extensions
  • Power to care
  • Deferred payment