(WASHINGTON) — With three days until Election Day, and President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden racing toward Nov. 3, more than 90 million Americans have already cast their ballots — an early voting record.

On Saturday, Biden’s top surrogate, former President Barack Obama, will join him for the first time on the trail with drive-in rallies in Flint and Detroit to encourage Michiganders to vote.

Trump has four rallies in Pennsylvania as both candidates plan to “barnstorm” the state they deem critical in the final days before the election with the contest overshadowed by coronavirus cases rising there and in nearly every battleground territory.

Vice President Mike Pence has a pair of rallies in North Carolina — a state Trump won by four points in 2016. California Sen. Kamala Harris is campaigning in Florida as Democrats vie for the state’s 29 electoral votes key to Trump’s pathway to the White House.

Oct 31, 1:13 pm
Trump says Pennsylvania ‘will save the American dream’

At the first of his four Saturday rallies in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump told the crowd, “this is the state that will save the American dream.”

“A great red wave … is forming,” Trump said in Bucks County. “And there’s not a thing they can do about it.”

When Trump brought up Democratic nominee Joe Biden, some in the crowd yelled “lock him up!”

“I fought harder for you than any president,” Trump said.

“Nobody has done in three-and-a-half years, nobody, no administration, no president what we’ve done and what we’ve accomplished… Nobody even challenges that,” Trump said, without mentioning the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump, in a calm, subdued, voice, continued, “Do not be intimidated by our opponent’s angry and menacing tone. Because if we were, we would never have been able to accomplish what we’ve accomplished. In truth, they are actually terrified of you, the people.

The rally was held outside but social distancing was not enforced. Many were seen without masks.

In 2016, Trump narrowly won Pennsylvania by 44,000 votes – less than 1% of the total ballots cast in the state.

Oct 31, 11:57 am
Obama to campaign in Georgia and Florida on Monday

Former President Barack Obama will hit the campaign trail solo on Monday, visiting the battleground states of Georgia and Florida, the Biden campaign announced Saturday.

In Atlanta, Obama will campaign with U.S Senate candidates Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock.

Obama’s plans for Florida were not released, but the Biden campaign said the former president will be in South Florida.

-ABC News’ John Verhovek

Oct 31, 11:03 am
Absentee ballot rate of return in 11 competitive states

As Americans are urged by election officials to return their absentee ballots as soon as possible, several states have begun reporting the number of mail-in ballots they have received to date.
Using data collected by United States Elections Project, ABC News calculated the absentee ballot rate of return for 11 states deemed as competitive.

Arizona rate of return: 68.1% (as of Oct. 29)
Florida rate of return: 72.5% (as of Oct. 30)
Georgia rate of return: 68.88% (as of Oct. 29)
Iowa rate of return: 92.8% (as of Oct. 30)
Michigan rate of return: 79.94% (as of Oct. 30)
Minnesota rate of return: 80.27% (as of Oct. 30)
(Minnesota does not distinguish between mail and in-person ballots on their state reports. The statistics reported here thus combine all in-person early and mail ballot votes.)
North Carolina rate of return: 60.8% (as of Oct. 30)
New Hampshire rate of return: 80.7% (as of Oct. 27)
Nevada rate of return: 26.5% (as of Oct. 29)
Pennsylvania rate of return: 74.2% (as of Oct. 29)
Wisconsin rate of return: 83.9% (as of Oct. 30)
-ABC News’ Arielle Mitropoulos

Oct 31, 10:02 am
Harris County, Texas sets new record for early voting

In Harris County, Texas, a new record has been set for early voting numbers, with 1.43 million ballots cast early for the presidential election.

Harris County has already exceeded the total voter turnout from 2016, County Clerk Chris Hollins said Thursday, ABC Houston station KTRK reported.

Harris County’s early voting started on Oct. 13 and has now come to an end, KTRK said.

Early voting data is hitting record numbers across the country. In the states reporting data, at least 85.7 million ballots have been cast in the 2020 general election. In 2016, 43 million people voted early.

-ABC News’ Kelsey Walsh

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