If you work at an Amazon warehouse in the U.K., chances are you are very familiar with Ed Sheeran and Dua Lipa‘s songs.  Their music tops the list of the most-played songs at “industrial premises.”

British publication iNews obtained the report from PRS for Music, which tracks the royalties artists make when their music is played in the background of these British facilities, which generates about $22.8 million annually.  The two most-played songs on this list are Ed’s “Bad Habits” and Dua’s “Levitating.”


The study also found that Glass Animals‘ viral hit “Heat Waves” was the third most-repeated song in warehouses.

PRS also noted that a Mindlab International study found that listening to pop music at work helps motivate those working more active jobs by improving their speed and accuracy.  Most interestingly, PRS believes music containing a dance-like beat “enhances proof-reading skills,” which might explain why “Bad Habits” and “Levitating” are respectively first and second on the list.

The outlet also noted the money made by warehouse streaming helped supplement the earnings artists lost when COVID-19 slammed the brakes on touring and other live performances.  Overall, revenue for the live music sector dipped by 29 percent in 2021.


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