On April 15, 2019, the bodies of Kendrick Jones, Chassidy Brown, and her five-year-old son, Josiah Brown, were found in a burning home in Earle Arkansas.

Alonzo Smith, the father, and grandfather of two of the victims said he’s relieved an arrest had been made. “I must say it took a whole lot of weight off my shoulder when I received that call,” Smith said. Smith said his grandson was his best friend. “He would pop up on the side of my bed sometimes and say ‘Papaw, you know what? I love you. That meant the world to me. I’d hug him and say ‘I love you too, Jo.’ I’ll never have that again.”

Alonzo said his daughter told him, Lindsey was the jealous type and had threatened her in the past.

A medical examiner determined that both Jones and Chassidy were shot before the fire was set, but that the fire was what killed Chassidy and Josiah.

Ezekiel Lindsey’s next court appearance is scheduled for July 19th of this year.

Ezekiel Lindsey