It’s been a couple of years since Dua Lipa last appeared on CBS’ The Late Show, so on Thursday, she and host Stephen Colbert caught up on some of her latest projects, including her Future Nostalgia tour and her new concierge service, called Service 95.

Like most artists, the “Levitating” singer had to put her Future Nostalgia tour on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but oddly enough, the delay worked to her advantage.

“I feel like I know which songs people like, and the future nostalgia tour really is the future nostalgia tour because it predominantly is the songs from the album, where I think before it would have been bits here and there…now it’s like the first combination, the very best of,” she explains.

One of those hits is “Bold Heart,” her duet with Elton John, which he pitched to her in a Facetime chat — a pinch me moment for Lipa.

“Immediately I was like, ‘you’re joking.’ and said, ‘Of course, I’d love to,"” she recalls. “No, no, you listen to it first and decide,” Elton insisted. “Listen to it and let us know afterwards if you want to do the song.”

“I knew I was. Absolutely,” she continues. It’s a remix of “Rocketman” and “Sacrifice,” she says.

Dua also officially launched Service95, a “global style, culture, and society concierge service created to help the reader make sense of the world,” and she told Colbert the newsletter and website which features articles and features curated by Dua herself, grew out of her obsession for lists.

“I also thought, you know, we can have lots of different thoughts, perspectives, stories, articles that are really interesting that maybe you wouldn’t find as easy,” explains. “I wanted to make activism accessible to people who wanted to get involved.”

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