The Watson Chapel School District will pay former Superintendent Dr. Andrew Curry a lump sum of $57,315.10 by July 15, according to documents obtained by Deltaplex News via a Freedom of Information Act request after Curry’s employment with the district was terminated at a special called meeting last week.

The district will also pay $32,291.18 directly to the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System for Curry. Curry will be responsible for all taxes paid on monies received in his buyout.

The document obtained by Deltaplex News shows that Curry agreed to resign his employment with the Watson Chapel School District effective June 30, 2022 in order to avoid potential termination without cause, and that the District desired his resignation to avoid uncertainty and further controversy.

Additionally, Curry has agreed that he will not sue the Watson Chapel School District, its board members, or any other employees or agents of the district. He also agreed that he will not reapply for employment with the District at any time in the future.

The agreement also states that each party agrees to refrain from making disparaging comments about the other, and if the District receives a request for an employment reference on Curry it agrees to only respond with neutral references, stating Curry’s dates of employment and positions held.

Additionally, Curry agreed to return all property owned by the Watson Chapel School District by close of business on July 1.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Andrew Curry, Watson Chapel Board President Sandra Boone, and legal counsel representing both parties on June 30

The Watson Chapel School Board voted Tuesday night to begin accepting applications to replace Curry. One candidate was interviewed at the meeting, but no motion was made to approve employment of that candidate.