Chief Deputy Stanley James, Lieutenant Dorothy ‘Dot’ Rowland, Sheriff Lafayette Woods, Jr. & Captain Gary McClain at the retirement party where Lt. Dot was gifted an engraved firearm.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office joined Lieutenant Dorothy ‘Dot’ Rowland in celebrating her retirement after 29 years of serving the community.

‘I’ve loved every minute of my job. It’s bittersweet that I have chosen to retire to spend time with my family,” said Rowland.

Rowland began her career with JCSO in 1991 as a secretary/warrants clerk. In 1999, she joined the reserve/auxiliary unit to determine if she would enjoy being a patrol deputy. In 2000, she was moved from her secretary position to the position of patrol deputy.

While working as a deputy in 2005, tragedy struck Rowland’s family with the passing away of her husband Leander Rowland, Jr., which led to her being transferred to the warrants/transport division. In 2007, she was promoted to the rank of Corporal and in 2014 promoted to the rank of Sergeant in the division.

While working in the warrants/transport division, Rowland led her team in coordinating and transporting detainees throughout the state of Arkansas. She was also responsible for transporting detainees to court, doctor’s appointments, out-of-state travel of fugitives and also serving warrants, summons, and subpoenas for the court.

In 2018, Sheriff Lafayette Woods, Jr. promoted Rowland to the rank of Lieutenant in the patrol division, officially transferring in January 2019, completing her tenure with the office.

“My heart is full because the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is my second family, where I have spent countless hours,” said Rowland. “I pray that the things I’ve done, learned, taught and shared will be an inspiration for the deputies around me in following my footsteps. I thank God for all the instructors over me, in supervising and teaching me the job, making Jefferson County a safer place to live. I thank Sheriff Lafayette Woods, Jr. for allowing me to finish my tenure with the department, finishing my 29 ½ years as a deputy sheriff.”

“Lieutenant Dorothy ‘Dot’ Rowland salutes you all! God bless!”