Pine Bluff Dollarway senior athlete Rod Collier has been named the Kevin Bonnette State Farm Deltaplex Radio Jefferson County Week 11 Player of the Week.

Collier came up big in a 42-19 victory over Jessieville last week in the first round of the Class 3A playoffs scoring three touchdowns and recording six tackles for the Cardinals.

Collier said it is great for him to be named Player of the Week.

“It is great,” said Collier. “I mean, I can’t stop right here. I just want to look forward to getting a win this week, one by one. But, it means a lot.”

The Cardinals will travel to take on Prescott in round two of the Class 3A playoffs this Friday night, and Collier said he believe defense is the key to a Cardinals victory.

“Defense. That is always the key,” said Collier. “That’s what we want is defense – a shut down defense. With a shut down defense the offense will come in. If we can score on defense our offense won’t have to do much. We just want that defense.”

Dollarway head coach Martese Henry said that Collier has been working hard every week.

“He has been working hard week in and week out,” said Henry. “I have to keep him humbled a little bit, but he is eager, he want’s the totes, and he can handle it. The main thing is we are trying to create the right kind of environment across the board for our team to be successful, and he’s come in and done a tremendous job being patient with the process, and now it’s paying off for him. He’s been working hard each week, and I’m just thankful to have him a part of the Cardinals.”

Henry said the key to defeating Prescott is to eliminate mistakes.

“To be honest with you we can’t make mistakes,” said Henry. “We can’t go down there and make mistakes. We have got to win the turnover battle, and play Dollarway football. Just play our brand of football. Be physical, play fast, and have fun and try to win it that way.”