The Delta Rivers Nature Center property was affected by last month floods. The nature center is currently working to bring the facility back to life. After damages are restored, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will be able to reopen it to the public. Facility Director Jason Hooks says it still make take several months before the reopening can happen.

Luckily, the main nature center building did not have any water damage thanks to being on stilts.

“During the flooding, we had all of our out buildings except for our main exhibit hall that had water damage or water in them,” said Hooks. “Some of them are at lower elevations, so some buildings received quite a bit of damage from holding water in them. Our classroom and our shop had standing water in them, but they are all repairs we can make.”

Hooks and the Delta Rivers Nature Center team were able to get back into the center in the middle of June and have been working to rehabilitate the facility since then. Certain animals have made their return to the center, while others will return when reconstruction is completed.