David Lee Roth is considering the possibility of a new Las Vegas residency.  The Van Halen frontman is refocusing his attention on his own projects, including a collaboration with D.J. Armin Van Buuren on his remix of the classic Van Halen track “Jump.”

Roth is also hoping for a return to Vegas, nearly 25 years after his first residency and long before it became a popular for artists and musicians.  Roth’s first residency took place in 1995 and featured a 14-piece band named the Blues-Bustin’ Mambo Slammers, which included Nile Rodgers and Edgar Winter. When Roth was asked about a new run of shows as a solo act in Vegas, he said, “I just pursued this, I was over at the House of Blues yesterday. There’s lots and lots of people requesting.”

You can listen to the new remix by D.J. Armin Van Buuren of “Jump” in the link below.

DAVID LEE ROTH On Possibility Of Las Vegas Residency: ‘There’s Lots And Lots Of People Requesting’

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