So far, Foo Fighters have released three songs from their new album, Medicine at Midnight.  Acknowledging that the record is their “most danceable” yet, Dave Grohl says the band had no interest in making a “sleepy acoustic album.”

Speaking to OK! magazine, Grohl says, “I realized we’ve done the acoustic thing and the noisy thing, but we’ve never really made the party record. I thought, ‘OK, well, instead of just retiring into the sunset with a nice sleepy acoustic album,’ I was like, ‘F*** that! Let’s make something people will really bounce around to."” 

As for the political bent of the lyrics on the album — just check out “No Son of Mine,” for example — Grohl says, “I mean, the lyrics were written in October and November of 2019, long before the pandemic or any of the current political climate. But they still apply today, maybe more so.”

While it’s doubtful that Grohl and Foo Fighters will be able to do the kind of touring they usually do behind a new album this year, he teases, “We’re going to start getting out there soon in ways that other people might not be doing, but the stadiums and arenas, not yet.”

Asked if he’d be interested in sharing the stage with his three daughters in the future — Violet, 14, Harper, 11, and Ophelia, 6 — Grohl laughs, “Listen, I have one kid that wants to be a musician and two that look at me like I’m a f***ing janitor, you know? They’re just like, ‘Oh, that’s dad’s job, whatever."” So maybe one day.”

Medicine at Midnight is out February 5.

By Andrea Dresdale
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