Daryll Broady made his first appearance in court this morning after being arrested on Monday evening in connection with the shooting death of Brandon “Brandy” Crutchfield.  The incident, which occurred in the 2600 block of Olive Street, is Pine Bluff’s 19th homicide of the year.

While no charges were filed against Broady, he was arrested on probable cause of possession of a firearm and first degree murder.  Deputy Prosecutor Maxie Kizer said that video footage captured the entire incident on Monday that began with an argument and ended in Crutchfield being killed.

Kizer stated that Crutchfield was shot five times before falling to the ground.  He was then shot several more times after he was on the ground, he said.

Police had stated in a news release that they found Crutchfield, 29, and Broady, 26, in the parking lot.  Crutchfield was discovered to have multiple gunshot wounds and was later pronounced dead at the scene. Broady was taken into custody and was being interviewed by detectives. Two pistols, and several shell casings were recovered at the scene, according to the release.

As Kizer was continuing to make his report in court this morning, Broady interrupted him saying that he was shot by Crutchfield during the incident.  He then raised up his right arm and pointed to an area underneath the arm to show everyone in the courtroom where he was allegedly shot.  Broady made this statement with no attorney present to represent him.

Kizer told Jefferson County Division 1 District Judge Kim Bridgforth that Broady also had a “large number of failures to appear.” A cash bond of $250,000 was set for Broady by Judge Bridgforth and the case will continue on January 25, 2019.