Darius Rucker always knew he’d get candid in his memoir one day. So when the time came to write Life’s Too Short, he did exactly that.

“I always said that if I ever wrote the book, I was going to be [as] honest as I could be. And, you know, there’s some stuff that’s over the top. But, I just wanted to tell the story, and I wanted people to understand the hard stuff and the good stuff. All the stuff made me who I am today,” Darius shares in a press interview.


While Darius waited until his three children were grown up to release a memoir, his honesty left him wondering if it was too honest for the family. 

“I was talking to them, I was like, ‘One of the things that I’m worried about is like, I was so honest about it,” Darius recalls, to which his son, Jack, responded, “Dad, who’s going to be surprised? Rock stars party. That’s not breaking news to anybody.” Darius agreed.

When asked what his late mom, Carolyn  who graces the cover of his latest album, Carolyn’s Boy — would have objected to in his book, Darius admits with a laugh, “A lot of it. Most of it.”


“The talk about the party and stuff — she wouldn’t have wanted that in there. The stuff with my brother — she wouldn’t have wanted that in there. She would have questioned that,” he says. “But I was going to be honest and vulnerable writing this, so I put it all in there.”

Life’s Too Short is available now wherever you get books.

Darius’ new single is the Jennifer Nettles-assisted “Never Been Over,” which is making its way up the country charts.


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