Last week, an attorney for Sheriff Lafayette Woods Jr., asked a judge to find County Judge Gerald Robinson in contempt of court because bills for the jails, particularly food bills had not been paid.

According to the attorney, the juvenile detention center was going to run out of food Saturday and the adult jail Sunday.

Woods was a guest on the Oldies 1013 morning show Monday and was asked about the current status of food.

Woods said unpaid bills for both the juvenile center and adult jail dated back to December for food that had been ordered in November.

He went on to say the bills had been coded the same way as previous bills which had been paid without question.

Friday afternoon, Woods said the county clerk notified him that she had processed the past due invoices and had cut checks to pay them. He said his jail administration picked up the checks and hand-delivered them and the company made some concessions and delivered food to both jails.

Morning show host Greg Horne asked Woods if there was anything other than the bill to and ship to addresses which he had previously mentioned that was different about the invoices that would cause them to be held up.