The Pine Bluff City Council on Tuesday adopted a proposed ordinance requiring city departments to set goals and objectives for their department and communicate those to the council. It won approval with no dissent.

The ordinance, which had been slated for only a second reading, was approved after the council voted to waive procedure for both a second and third reading.

Council member Lloyd Holcomb Jr., who sponsored the ordinance, explained it to Deltaplex News.

The ordinance requires that the goals and objectives for 2022 be submitted to the Mayor’s Office no later than Dec. 1 of this year, with copies to each council member. The department head will also retain a copy and another copy will be filed for public inspection.

Council committees will evaluate the progress of the goals and objectives of each department head on a quarterly basis.

Offices of elected officials and departments administered by independent commissions are not required to submit reports but are encouraged to do so.