Jefferson County has finalized contracts to repair county buildings that were damaged from the recent hailstorm and heavy rains.

Jefferson County Judge Booker Clemons shared the news in a press release.

“After a lot of time, energy, contracts, research and ensuring that all guidelines of insurance carrier(s) and state laws were in compliance, repairs services were purchased through TIPS USA with a total amount of $1,282.816,” Clemons said in the press release.

Roofs to be repaired were listed as the following:

  • Election Commission Office
  • Extension Office
  • Public Defender’s Office
  • White Hall Library
  • Watson Chapel Library
  • Jefferson County Courthouse
  • Juvenile Detention
  • Coroner, Veterans Affairs, Jr. Deputy Offices
  • Adult Detention Center
  • Tire Recycling Center
  • CID
  • County Road Department

Clemons said in the press release that the district court building is being re-evaluated for repairs.

“I would like to thank all county employees and citizens for having an understanding of the County’s situation during this time and special thanks to all that have provided positive and encouraging comments while we were going through these circumstances,” Clemons said in the press release.  “Also to the several hundred people that made statements about the two people that made negative comments wishing they would consider leaving Jefferson County.”