For Cody Johnson, his new #1 single, “Til You Can’t,” isn’t merely a song, it’s an anthem for living life to the fullest. 

Cody admits that when he first heard the demo, the song’s melancholy nature struck a chord with him, noting that he “loved the lyrics” and noticed that the song “wasn’t as energetic” as the final product. 

“It was a little bit more docile, a little more calm and it almost had a sad feel to it. It does have those lyrics about ‘take the phone call from your momma’ until you can’t,” he describes of the song in its original form, adding that when it was time to produce the track, he knew what direction it needed to go in.  “This needs to be a message of ‘you got a chance, take the chance, go out and chase your dreams until you can’t,"” he adds. 

The Texas native says that selecting the song as a single was a no-brainer, because he hoped listeners would gravitate toward its encouraging message. 

“My thought was ‘if this is a hit on country radio, if the music video does well, if it goes viral, what a great message to have your name tagged to.’ I think that was the decision-maker for me. It was an easy choice,” Cody explains. “We try to not to think about it every day, but we all have an expiration date, and from now until that expiration date, it’s about pushing. Just chase your dreams, take your chances, tell the people you love you love them, and it turned into this happy, anthematic experience.” 

“Til You Can’t” is Cody’s first #1 hit.

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