Coach Dawn Thornton Aims To Give Back To Community By Offering Free Camp


With less than a month away before school starts for K-12, parents are still looking for things to keep their children occupied during their summer vacation.

Look no further – The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff women’s basketball coaching staff will be hosting a 2.0 Experience Free Basketball Camp, Aug. 7, at the H.O. Clemmons Arena from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Head Coach Dawn Thornton says the team always hold summer camp, but serving the community is the goal.

“As a kid, all I knew was what I wanted,” said Thornton. “Thinking about how and what it took to get was not of my concern. It never dawned on me as a kid the sacrifices my parents and grandparents made for me to live out my dream. These sacrifices, financial and time, helped with my development as a basketball player, helped my confidence and self-esteem, and helped me gain exposure on the basketball circuit. I am forever thankful to my circle of support for planting a tree for me. They say what you give will grow. Because my family gave, I was able to grow.”

“That lesson has inspired me to plant more trees because COVID-19 is fighting an unfair fight. It has caused physical, emotional, and financial strains on the world. I feel it’s time to give our community a huge oak tree relief. Parents and young people have an opportunity to enjoy all the tree has to offer and be concerned about a financial strain. However, to that young girl or boy who dreamed of attending a camp, you couldn’t find the funds, no worries, we got you. The fee is a smile and a positive attitude. Parents can bring their “rising stars” and breathe.”

Our 2.0 camp is very important to me and the UAPB women’s basketball program. It gives us all an opportunity to remember when we fell in love with this game. We get to look into the eager eyes of these young people and remember when we were them. My vision is to expose our young boys and girls to something positive and pure, to inspire them to be the best they can be, and to plant the seed of setting goals for themselves.

The UAPB Lady Lions are looking forward to the opportunity of working with the next generation of Golden Lions. “Let’s Rrrrrroar” together!

To register email [email protected].