(GLASGOW, Scotland) — President Biden has wrapped up his trip to Europe with his two day participation in the international climate summit COP 26 in Glasgow, expressing optimism about the path forward.

“I can’t think of any two days that more has been accomplished dealing with climate than these two days,” Biden states.

The president came to Glasgow with an urgent call to his fellow leaders, asking “Will we act?”

Vowing that the U.S. will once again become leaders in climate change, he declared that under his leadership, the US is not just back at the table but hopefully will lead by the power of example.

Hoping to seize the enormous opportunity ahead, President Biden is still facing big challenges getting all the Democratic votes he needs to pass his social spending plan, which includes $555 billion in climate investments.

In Scotland, President Biden is highlighting ways his administration is taking action on climate change, even without Congress. This includes a new plan to cut methane emissions by 30 percent by 2030 – a new effort to conserve forests around the world.

ABC’s Karen Travers is traveling with President Biden in Scotland, and has been reporting the latest on the COP 26 climate summit.

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