No police to patrol the streets of Rison Friday night, after every officer either quit or was fired. This comes after Mayor Vernon Dollar ousted Police Chief Peggy Stallings, who was the city’s last officer on the payroll. “Let’s just go back to square one, start again,” said Mayor Dollar.

Mayor Dollar wouldn’t go into specifics about what led up to his decision but calls the shakeup necessary. “There were some complaints around from the general public,” he said. “There were some situations that arose that I took the action of dismissing some police officers and now we’re down to none.”

With several resumes already on his desk, Mayor Dollar says he along with city council will make hiring decisions. He says the goal is to put two officers on staff then hire a chief. “We’re going to take more time on background checks, resumes,” he said. “I did not get actively involved in the selection process itself that was my fault, and I will be from now on.”