Evelyn Horton, the director of the Pine Bluff Quality of Life Division, resigned from the position last week, according to Mayor Shirley Washington.

Washington said that Horton, who had been at that job for around a year, was given the option to resign instead of being fired after issues arose with sealed bidding contracts Horton handled for the city.

Washington said that Horton’s actions were not for personal gain, but rather she “was trying to help the city save money” by adjusting bids. Only those contractors who submit bids are allowed to adjust them, and even they are not allowed to do so once they are turned in.

Washington, who did not provide further details about the bids, added that Horton had always been a “good employee and did her job well. I just had no choice after I spoke with several attorneys.”

Washington said that several contractors who work for the city had become upset that Horton was still on the job “and were not going to let the issue go. I spoke with Ms. Horton, and she asked me if she could step down. She said she would have stepped down sooner if she had known what she had done was wrong.”

Horton said Tuesday that she was saddened to give up her job with the city.

“I always went above and beyond the call of duty for my city,” Horton said. “I was born and raised here. I always stayed late and did the best job I could. But I made a mistake, and I resigned.”