The Pine Bluff City Council on Monday will vote for the third and final time on a proposed ordinance that would set a time limit for the Historic District Commission to make a decision on requests by downtown property owners to alter or tear down their property.

The proposed ordinance came as the result of complaints from Danny Bradshaw, who does business as Mr. Brick. Bradshaw owns three buildings in the 300 block of Main Street that he wants to tear down but has been unable to because of a lack of action by the commission on his request.

According to the proposed ordinance, there is currently no time frame for the commission to make a decision on granting a Certificate of Appropriateness to property owners’ requests and one is needed to protect the rights of the property owners.

A 60-day time limit would be set if the proposed ordinance is adopted, allowing the commission to approve or deny the request, and if no decision is made within that time period, the application would be considered to be accepted and the property owner would be able to take whatever action they were requesting.