Christina Perri is back with an all-new single, “Evergone,” and she credits Taylor Swift for influencing her new sound.

Speaking to Consequence, the “Jar of Hearts” singer explained that listening to Taylor’s sister albums folklore and evermore reignited her love of making music.  “I could only listen to her when I was in my deepest, saddest season,” Christina explained. “I feel so selfish [thinking] she did those records for me.”

The singer announced in November 2020 that her daughter, whom she named Rosie, was stillborn.  The devastating news followed a miscarriage Christina suffered at the start of the year.

The singer added, “I love Taylor Swift, but she never was my go-to, listen-to all the time and every day.” She said that changed when folklore was released because, “it felt like it was for me, I’m not gonna lie.” Christina added she would play with “a bunch of LEGOs” while listening to Taylor’s music “over and over and over again while I was healing.”

Because Taylor’s music is what pulled Christina from such a dark moment in her life, she looks forward to being able to “meet her and thank her for that because I feel like somehow she knew I needed that.”

The singer admits her music has always had a “melancholy” twinge, but said listening to Taylor’s albums “inspired me to keep going down the lane I’ve always loved.  And it also made me feel like I don’t need to make happy music for people.”

Christina said her new music healed her and will be her way of telling fans everything she went through over the past few years.  “I hope it reaches others and helps others,” she said.

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