Christina Aguilera is hard at work on her all-Spanish album Aguilera, but her English-speaking fans need not feel left out, as she’s working on an album for them as well.

The Grammy winner spoke to Rolling Stone about why she broke her forthcoming all-Spanish album into four EPs. “Getting back into my Spanish music releases this year has been such a beautiful, long-awaited moment. It had been 20 years since my first Latin debut, Mi Reflejo, and I’d wanted to give fans a substantial follow up for so long,” she explained. “That is also why I’ve wanted to release the music in chapter form.”

She’s since released La Fuerza and La Tormenta — with the latest chapter, La Luz, coming soon. The EPs will join together in the comprehensive project Aguilera, which she said led her to “acknowledging, embracing and engaging with my roots in a way I’ve never done.”

“The final chapter shares some closure in relation to my father, and shedding light on any darkness to be left in the past and moved on from,” Christina continued. Her father, Fausto Xavier Aguilera, divorced her mother, Shelly Loraine Kearns, in 1987 — when she was six. 

Aguilera’s not the only album Christina is putting together. “And of course for the fans that don’t speak Spanish, an English-language album has been in the making and will be released when I feel it’s super solid and of course the most “authentic” work I have to share and offer,” she declared. “I want to give the fans the best of me!”

Christina closed, “There has been a lot to say… a lot has accumulated and has happened in the past few years… changes in me that will all be voiced and brought to life on the next record.”

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