With nine albums and 13 #1 hits notched, Chris Young knows he can’t please fans with an all-encompassing set list at shows.

But he’s thankful for how far he’s come, especially when the days of not having enough songs to fill a set are still vivid in his mind.


“I remember, you know, when I started and I was playing like my very first single at the beginning, middle and end of the show it felt like,” Chris recalls to ABC Audio with a laugh. “I’ve been very lucky to have been around long enough where this is my ninth studio release, then lucky enough where a lot of them have been very, very successful and people want to hear a lot of stuff.”

However, Chris knows he has to strike a balance between the old, new and big-time hits at shows. 

“Even when we were in Australia leading up to the album launch for Young Love & Saturday Nights — I don’t want to put too much new stuff in and there’s 18 songs on this record, but it’s like, people leave after 90 minutes or two hours and they’re still like, ‘Well, you didn’t play this,"” shares Chris.


“And I’m like, ‘I can’t play them all,"” he laughs. “So it’s fun for me to change the set list up a little bit every now and then.” 

Chris’ current single, “Young Love & Saturday Nights,” is approaching the top 10 of the country charts.



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