The trailer for a new documentary about the late actor Anton Yelchin, called “Love, Antosha,” has been released. Yelchin died nearly three years ago at age 27 after a freak car accident

The film features interviews with Yelchin himself, and also contains interviews with many of the actors friends and co-stars, including fellow “Star Trek” star Chris Pine. Yelchin was best known for playing Pavel Chekhov in all three of the recent “Star Trek” films, and he talks about his love of acting.

The actor’s parents, Viktor and Irina Yelchin, former figure skaters from Russia, helped with the documentary, directed by Garrett Price. At the end of the trailer, Yelchin’s mom explains that the title of the documentary is how he would sign the cards he often sent her.

The documentary also examines Yelchin’s death, which happened on June 19, 2016. He was pinned between his Jeep and a brick wall outside his Los Angeles home after the Jeep had rolled backwards down a steep incline.

“Love, Antosha” will be released in theaters August 2.

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