(NEW YORK) — Social media is full of hot takes, especially when it comes to food and more recently amid shrinkflation and higher food costs — people’s perceived portion sizes.

After Chipotle Mexican Grill recently came under serving size scrutiny on TikTok, the company’s Chief Corporate Affairs and Food Safety Officer Laurie Schalow told ABC News’ Good Morning America in an emailed statement that “There have been no changes in our portion sizes, and we have reinforced proper portioning with our employees.”


Keith Lee, who has risen to social media stardom, is well known for his viral videos dishing his honest feedback and rating popular food items — including Chipotle — as he films himself eating the products.

“I’ve been such an out loud supporter of Chipotle. So I feel like the love [has] gotta be just as loud as the constructive criticism,” he said in a recent TikTok video with three menu items from Chipotle. “It’s been the portions too, the portions [have] been crazy low.”

His review of the crispy tacos, chicken al pastor burrito bowl and steak quesadilla earlier this month soared to viral status and served as a launch pad for similar sentiments from commenters.


“I think I see just four pieces of chicken,” he said digging through a bed of brown rice and various toppings with his fork.

He said this version of the limited-time offering, “has no spice at all,” compared to the early iteration which he also reviewed and said were “sweet, spicy, flavorful and had a little bit of tang to it.”

“Our intentions are to provide a great experience every time, and our meals have always been completely customizable so guests can vocalize or digitally select their desired portions when choosing from the list of real ingredients,” Schalow said of the person-to-person feedback. “If we did not deliver on our value, we want our guests to reach out so we can make it right.”


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