Released on Sunday, China has taken an official stance against the United States on trade issues, by issuing a document blaming America for the collapse of trade talks.

The paper argues that trade disruptions negatively affect the world, and claims that the United States is an untrustworthy negotiator and that the Chinese government wants talks that are equal, mutually beneficial and trustworthy. U.S. media outlets have reported that Beijing backed out from basically all negotiating points during talks with the United States several weeks ago.

At a press conference Sunday, Vice Commerce Minister Wang Shouwen said U.S. actions in the past month are the primary reason for the lack of progress in negotiations.

“During the consultations, China has overcome many difficulties and put forward pragmatic solutions. However, the U.S. has backtracked, and when you give them an inch, they want a yard,” Wang said.

China releases document slamming U.S. for escalation in trade war, says it won’t back down


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