When hitting the gym, most people would opt for music that’ll get their blood pumping. Charlie Puth is not like most people — he listens to love songs.

Speaking to ET Canada, the hitmaker confessed, “When I’m working out … I listen to the opposite music.” So, whose dulcet tones fill his ears as he’s pumping iron?

“When I work out I listen to Celine Dion‘s ‘All By Myself,"” Charlie said. “I’m going to do a little workout [soon]. And I will listen to that.”

Charlie has turned heads by posting thirst traps online, and he previously revealed he likes sharing them because he works hard for his body and thinks it’s silly not to show off the fruits of his labor.

Sculpted abs aside, the “Light Switch” singer said he has a habit of listening to music that tends to be the opposite of what he’s doing, such as listening to “Memphis, Tennessee, trap music” when he’s going to bed.

“There’s just something about the juxtaposition that I love, every scenario, too, when there’s turbulence on an airplane, and you should be listening to like Sade or, like, [something calm],” he began, saying he will be blasting “Megadeth or Metallica during those moments.”

“I get a weird high,” he said when explaining why he consumes his music in such an odd way. 

His new album, Charlie, is out now.

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