A day after it was leaked, Charlie Puth released the emotionally raw music video for his breakup anthem “That’s Hilarious.”

The video starts with Charlie draped over a table and painfully reflecting on his past relationship as he shifts uncomfortably in his chair.   However, as the film progresses, Charlie begins experiencing other strong emotions one typically experiences after a rough breakup, such as denial, regret, mania, rage and cynicism. 


The background and lighting begin moving around Charlie, who sits stationary at the table to symbolize time continually passing him by while he’s unable to move on.  There’s a moment where he becomes unhinged, grabs a guitar and laughs as he shatters it on the table.

The video ends with Charlie back in his seat and resting his head on the table as he smiles ruefully at the camera.

Prior to the clip’s release, Charlie confided to fans on TikTok that he was “really drunk” when shooting a portion of the music video because “I didn’t want to get upset about what the song was about.”  He admits that he also fought back tears when filming the music video.


He previously revealed on Instagram that the song brings him back to “a time that was really, really, really challenging in my life.”

“I never told people what happened to me and the pain that I went through going through the worst breakup of my life in 2019,” the “Light Switch” singer explained, adding, “That’s Hilarious” was “the hardest song that I’ve ever had to put together.”

“That’s Hilarious” will appear on the forthcoming album, Charlie.  It’s release date has not been announced.


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