Charlie Puth cannot wait for fans to hear his upcoming new album, Charlie, because it will mark an entirely new chapter in his songwriting and creation process.  The studio effort offers a more-vulnerable and honest glimpse at the singer — and Charlie says that’s because it was born out of anger.

Speaking to Insider, the “Light Switch” singer admitted, “The one word that comes to mind when I think about this album in the beginning when I was making it, was ‘revenge.’… I was mostly, I guess, angry.”  

Charlie explained that he was feeling stuck in life, and that frustration bubbled over into him questioning himself as well as his romantic and platonic relationships.  “Why is this song not resonating with people? Why did this relationship not work out?’ It was a lot of that,” the Grammy nominee asked. 

That soul-searching eventually gave way to a major epiphany. “I was coming to terms with who I was for the first time in five years. And that’s what I realized at the end of the album, and while I was making ‘Light Switch,"” Charlie said. “It felt special to me because it’s the most polarizing record I’ve ever made. It’s unusually fast. It sounds like nothing I’ve ever made before.”

Charlie also warned that “Light Switch” is “the most lighthearted song out of the whole bunch” on his new album.  He also revealed some of the other tracks’ titles, which include “Loser,” “That’s Hilarious” and “There’s a First Time for Everything.”

Charlie feels at peace with his upcoming body of work because of its authenticity. “The difference is I’m not trying to be so cool… I’m not pretending to be the cool kid,” he said.

A release date for Charlie has yet to be announced.

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