CASA Women’s Shelter serves victims of domestic violence not just in Jefferson County, but statewide and throughout the United States. Peggy Tillman CASA director joined the Oldies 101.3 Morning show Wednesday, January 26th with Jasen Duren from United Way of Southeast Arkansas to discuss the services that CASA provides in relation to the Arkansas Coalition against domestic violence.

After being asked if all of the domestic violence victims that CASA served only involved men as the abuser Tillman and Duren responded agreeing that that is not always 100% the case.

Tillman added that CASA not only serves victims physically but also offers services to provide support for those victims and enforce safety measures to keep victims and the staff safe.

In regards to funding for the program, Tillman spoke about the funding provided by United Way that helps to fund those support services they provide and how the community can donate to support CASA or United Way.