Carly Rae Jepen is back and getting ready to release her new music, promising fans will not have to wait too much longer to hear it.

The “Call Me Maybe” singer announced her song, “Western Wind,” drops March 6 and shared the link where you  can pre-save it before it goes live.  She also showed off several promotional photos, one of which is a black and white image of her dressed in a lace dress and staring contemplatively at the camera.  The other is of her in a flowing, golden gown standing on top of a large tree branch.

Carly Rae teased some of the song lyrics on Instagram, writing, “But could you give me peace of mind if I return to you in time my golden arrow.”  This isn’t the first time she leaked a few verses.  She also tantalized fans on Tuesday with some more lyrics and an additional promotional shot of her in a saffron-colored dress and overlooking what appears to be an orchard.

Carly previewed “Western Wind” when she performed at Coachella, but she remains coy on whether or not this is the first single of a new album or just a standalone.    

The “Good Time” singer’s last album was Dedicated Side B, which she released in May 2020.  “Western Wind” arrives next Friday, May 6, at midnight ET.

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