Cardi B is the latest artist to struggle with toxic fans on social media.  The “WAP” rapper appeared to delete her Twitter after engaging in a particularly nasty argument with her followers on Sunday.

New York Post reports Cardi’s fanbase called her out for skipping the Grammy Awards even though she was nominated for Best Rap Performance for “Up.”  After being accused of hyping her fanbase about the upcoming awards, she reportedly fired back that she never gave hints that she was attending, asking, “Like are you okay?”

That wasn’t the only thing fans berated Cardi for — they also pointed out she hasn’t been releasing music in a timely fashion.  The Grammy winner has yet to release the follow up to her 2018 debut Invasion of Privacy — but that hasn’t stopped her from collaborating with other artists nor dropping one-off singles over the years.

The outlet reports things spiraled quickly, with one Twitter user alleging Cardi has an autistic child, to which she fired back, “None of my kids are autistic … Don’t project what you got on my kids the f***.”

Unfortunately, that had the effect of users telling her she was being disrespectful to the autistic community.

Cardi also sent less than pleasant replies to other users when telling them to leave her alone.  Eventually, the rapper announced she was leaving the app for her own safety.

“I’m deleting my Twitter,” she announced. “I hate this f***kin dumba** fan base. You got the slow dumba**es dragging my kids all cause y’all [thought] I was going to the Grammys and I didn’t, the f***?”

Moments before her account vanished, she remarked she found the entire debacle “stupid” and quipped, “I can’t. I needs to protect myself.”  As of Monday, her Instagram is also gone.

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