Cardi B is being sued by entertainment blogger, Latasha K, for one million dollars due to threats and loss of revenue. Court documents submitted state Latasha had to relocate because of the potential danger and “gang-related” threats.

Additional, the vlogger says she is suffering from severe emotional distress, anxiety, stress, insomnia, humiliation, and depression during her pregnancy. The lawsuit is a counterclaim from Cardi’s defamation suit against Tasha K. where among other things, the YouTuber alleged Kulture, child of Offset and Cardi B, could be born with intellectual disabilities due to drug use.

Lastasha K has a YouTube channel, unWinewithTashaK, with almost 600,000 subscribers and proclaims she runs numerous other social media accounts for her entertainment blog. She says her income is declining from lost advertisers and subscribers.

Cardi B Is Reportedly Being Sued For $1 Million By A YouTube Vlogger


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