In her real life, Selena Gomez has kissed quite a few celebrities — Nick Jonas, Justin Bieber and The Weeknd, just to name a few. But a few weeks ago on her Hulu series Only Murders in The Building, we saw Selena kiss a real-life good friend of hers: Cara Delevingne.

Cara plays Alice, an art gallery owner who’s a new friend of Selena’s character, Mabel. The smooch happens after Mabel, egged on by Alice, destroys a piece of art in the process of working through some of her issues, and then goes in for the kiss.

“It was definitely fun,” Cara recalls ABC Audio, but adds, “It was a very intense scene. And I think for those two characters, the way that it builds … clearly, Alice is kind of, you know, completely enticed by [Mabel] and just so astounded by her. It was just … they wrote it so well … it was just an amazing thing to be a part of.”

So, how was the kiss? “Of course it was wonderful kissing Selena!” Cara laughs. “Who wouldn’t like kissing Selena?”

But for Cara, the best part of being on Only Murders in the Building wasn’t making out with Selena — it was just spending time with her.

“We don’t get to hang out as much because we’re so busy. So being able to hang out all the time is like the nicest thing in the world,” says Cara. “[But] also working together, because she’s such a professional. She’s so good at what she does.”

“She’s so talented and so funny,” Cara says, adding, “Even if we weren’t friends, I’d be so blown away by her!”

Only Murders in The Building is now streaming on Hulu and has been renewed for a third season.

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