On Friday, September 6th, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department Investigator Jonathan Fallis was at a Citgo gas station on North Lincoln Avenue when he was approached by a man who informed him that there was a man in a Nissan behind him at the gas pump rolling a ‘joint’. Deputy Fallis went to the vehicle and saw two men in the front seat.

According to the incident report, the driver, 20-year-old Mason Norsworthy of Pine Bluff, had a nickel-plated pistol and a small plastic bag of pills in his lap. When he noticed Deputy Fallis knocked on his window, he removed the items from his lap and placed them between the seat and driver door.

Both men were asked to step out of the car for a vehicle search. Upon the search, three plastic bags of white pills were found. The pills were identified as Xanax and Ecstasy. As the vehicle continued to be searched, a 9mm pistol with 9 unspent rounds, 114 more Ecstasy pills and 14 grams of marijuana were also found.

Norsworthy and a 16-year-old juvenile from Pine Bluff were transported to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department. Noreworthy was questioned and booked on multiple charges. The juvenile was later transported to his residence in Jefferson County and released to his parents. He will be interviewed later with his parents present.