The brand-new titillating drama series HUSH has arrived starring Joyful DrakeCaryn Ward RossCandiace Dillard Bassett and more. 

The show follows Dr. Draya Logan, who has built a successful practice discreetly catering to the between-the-sheets lives of her rich and famous clientele. The character is portrayed by Drake, who tells ABC Audio the show is “sexy and spicy.”

“I would say, there’s not anything like this on TV where you see these dynamic, beautiful, powerful Black women making choices to live their lives in a way that is just, I guess, free from all rules and restrictions,” Drake says.

That salaciousness, in part, is what drew each of the ladies to their respective roles, with RHOP star Dillard Bassett adding that it’s the differences between herself and her character, Syleena.

“I am not doing most of the things that Selena is doing in this series,” says Bassett, “but that made it fun to really have to study who this this woman was and figure out what made her tick and make it appear real.”

“It was fun and liberating to play someone who is, you know, sexually fluid,” she continues, adding, “I love how Syleena rides for her husband…I call them a Bonnie and Clyde-esque duo because they get into some things and they hold each other down. So that part I loved portraying of her character of her.” 

For Ward Ross, it was the opposite, in that it was the similarities she shares with her character Jordan that enticed her. 

“I actually feel like the character is 100% me,” she shares. “The difference is maybe in how we choose to execute our life. I’m not necessarily doing the things that she does, but I certainly understand them.”

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