Camila Cabello is feeling more positive these days, and she has her new album, Familia, to thank.

Speaking to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Camila opened up about grappling with anxiety and “intrusive, obsessive thoughts” before embarking on her third studio effort.  “It was a couple months where I didn’t go back in the studio. I was just doing therapy. I was literally not functioning. I felt not able to work,” she revealed.

“Part of that healing was going in the studio and being like, “I’m not going to do it if it’s not fun,” she recalled. “It has to be something that helps me in feeling better and getting better because I can’t take this as a source of anxiety or stress.”

Camila also built a support network when working on her new album and collaborated with people she could be emotionally vulnerable with and trust.  “I think sometimes mental health stuff can make you isolate, and then that isolation makes your mental health a lot worse. And it’s kind of like this vicious cycle,” she remarked.

The “Havana” singer said enacting those changes “was a life-changing experience for me,” because it gave her a new music-making process she fell in love with.  She added, “This album process… Re-inspired me in terms of lyrics.”

“It’s the first time I put out an album and been immediately just ready to go back in and keep writing,” Camila  declared. “It just felt like fun and joyful and easy, I’m just like, I’m ready to go back in, hang out with my friends, and write about some more feelings that I’m having.”

“I’m in a much better place right now in terms of anxiety and mental health, like the best I’ve ever been,” she said.

Familia arrived April 8.

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