BTS‘s RM announced the impending arrival of his new solo music and says fans will be able to hear it very soon.

NME reports that the K-pop singer spoke with fans via a recent livestream session and chatted about his personal goals for 2022.  When it came to coming out with solo music, he teased, “I’m getting ready and I’m working on it.”

Calling his work a “mixtape,” RM said he’s “inviting really interesting and unexpected people” to feature on it.  Currently, he is working on a “new song” that he wants fans to hear real soon.

“I have no idea when the next song will be out, but I’m trying hard to release it within this year,” he vowed, adding he wants it “to do well.”

RM also teased a new collaboration that’s also “going well,” and which features “various people in a new and unexpected way.”  He noted, “I believe it’ll be cool, I believe I’m making many good songs. I have a high standard.”

No word yet on when we can expect RM’s new music.

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