Chances are you can’t hit the road without a few must-haves; for BTS‘ Jin, there are a few possessions he just can’t live without.

Speaking to GQ, the singer revealed both the common-sense and the downright bizarre things that make his world go round.  

Jin first showed off his limited-edition blue tennis bag and matching yellow racket that have a Minions character on them. “If you’re a superstar, you can’t help yourself with limited editions,” he remarked and noted he picked this pairing because “it’s not that big.” 

Jin said he also needs a gaming keyboard because he’s been playing games since he was in elementary school. “V is the member who’s best at playing games,” he said of his fellow BTS member and added the group makes time to play games together. Jin confessed he’s “not good” at gaming, but joked J-Hope is worse than he is.

His strangest possession is his blue pajamas with an angel print that he helped design. Jin revealed the angel that appears all over his pajamas is based on the TinyTAN animated characters.

On the more mundane side of things, Jin said his wallet is super important and he can never leave home without it.

He also loves his green Louis Vuitton bag.

Jin just released his new song “The Astronaut,” which features Coldplay. He is also slated to be the first member of BTS to go into mandatory military service.

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