After her conservatorship ended last year, Britney Spears said in a social media post, “I got the keys to my car for the first time four months ago and it’s been 13 years !!!!”  In another post, she mentioned how grateful she was for “being able to have the keys to my car.” Well, it looks like Britney might be enjoying her newfound automotive freedom a bit too much.

According to legal documents obtained by ABC News, Britney was pulled over on March 10 for “driving at an unsafe speed for prevailing conditions.”  She’s due in an L.A. court on May 3 in connection with the ticket.

It’s not clear exactly how fast the pregnant singer was going.

Despite Britney’s claims of being unable to drive her own car for 13 years, in the statements she made in court last July in connection with her conservatorship, she said her dad Jamie Spears had taken away her car keys for eight months after she’d been pulled over for speeding.

And in November of 2021, TMZ reported that on September 26, 2021, Britney had been pulled over for speeding in Westlake Village: She was doing 62 in a 40 zone. The officer let her off with a verbal warning, TMZ reported.

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