Brett Eldredge captures his hometown of Paris, Illinois in the nostalgic video for his song, “Gabrielle.” 

Setting up shop in the gymnasium of his alma mater, Paris High School, Brett and his band perform the song between clips of ‘Gabrielle,’ a mysterious woman who flashes across Brett’s mind throughout the video. 

She later joins the singer, unbeknownst to him, watching over him from the stands in the gym and sitting at a distance from him on the bleachers at the outdoor field as he pours his heart out through song.  

“Was it your heart or mine/Was it just the wrong time/Gabrielle,” he ponders over a piano melody.

“’Gabrielle’ is about a love that didn’t quite work out and you always wonder what it could have been,” Brett explains.  “It could’ve ended up being something amazing and you wonder what they’re doing in their life right now and go back to those feelings when you hear the song.”  

“Gabrielle” is the lead single off Brett’s fifth studio album, Sunday Drive, which will be released on Friday.

By Cillea Houghton
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