By Ray King

A $50,000 bond was set Friday for a Pine Bluff man accused of forcing his way into a residence and threatening a resident.

Pine Bluff District Judge John Kearney set the bond after ruling prosecutors have probable cause to charge Carlos Mitchell, 41, with aggravated residential burglary and aggravated assault.

Reading from a probable cause affidavit from Detective Corey Wilfong, Deputy Prosecutor Jill Reed said police were sent to the residence in the 600 block of West 26th Avenue Wednesday and when they arrived saw Mitchell come out of the residence holding a lawn mower blade wrapped in a plastic sack.

Mitchell reportedly told police to “take me to jail” and he was placed in custody at that time.

Reed said officers spoke to the resident who said he heard a knock on the door and when he opened it, saw Mitchell who asked if the resident’s mother was there. The victim said he told Mitchell his mother was asleep and started to close the door when Mitchell forced his way into the residence, knocking the victim over a table and to the floor.

Wilfong reported that Mitchell had the lawn mower blade in his hand and in Reed’s words, “pump faked” swinging it at the victim several times before walking out the door.

When Mitchell was interviewed, he told police he did have the lawn mower blade but denied forcing his way into the residence and said he was not trying to kill anyone.

Mitchell was ordered to have no contact with the victim until the case is settled.