Billie Eilish isn’t above getting goofy on the jumbotron…

The Grammy winner enjoyed herself at a Dodgers game on Thursday, and it wasn’t long before the venue found out she was sitting in one of their front row seats.  

In a video shared by SportsCenter, the venue fired up their beloved “dance cam” game that plays between innings, in which a member of the audience is prompted to dance to the music for all to enjoy on the big screen. 

Naturally, the cameras trained on Billie as her smash-hit “bad guy” blared over the speakers. The Oscar winner got into her performance by snapping her fingers, bouncing and waving her arms in the air.

She was unable to keep a straight face and soon sunk into her seat while giggling uncontrollably. As this went on, her brother, FINNEAS, smiled awkwardly from his seat, not once joining in the impromptu dance session.

The announcers loved the bit and raved, “How cool is it for you to dance to your own tune at Dodgers Stadium?”

“That’s pretty cool, right there,” another announcer agreed.

The Dodgers had taken on the San Francisco Giants on Thursday night, beating them nine to six in game 1.  They will butt heads again tonight at 10:10 p.m. ET.

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