Beyoncé is preparing for the release of her very first Renaissance music video. On Friday, the singer shared a teaser of the visual for the album’s opening track, “I’m That Girl.”

The video captures Beyoncé taking a phone call and then cooking up some eggs — all in a metallic armor bodysuit. The camera then cuts to Bey making her way into a lounge, where she’s seen sitting on a dusty pink couch; another shot shows her swinging her braided ponytail alongside a horse at the bar.

Additionally, the visual features a rapid montage of Bey in different looks.

Though a release date for “I’m That Girl” hasn’t been announced, it will be the first song off the new album to receive music video treatment. The track comes after lead single “Break My Heart,” which topped the Billboard charts following its release.

Beyoncé is also making headlines for “Make Me Say It Again, Girl,” her duet with The Isley BrothersRonald Isley met her when she was in Destiny’s Child and told Billboard that collaborating with Bey “was one of the first things [he] thought about” when making his new album.

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