If Taylor Swift needs any help, she can count on actor Ben Stiller, who came out as a proud superfan — or “Swiftie” for short.

Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the Night at the Museum star described how driving lessons with his daughter made him a Taylor fan.

Stiller said 20-year-old Ella was learning to drive in New York City, which is not the best place for a novice driver to learn the ropes. The actor compared driving on the West Side Highway to Mad Max: Fury Road.

“What really helped is she played her favorite artist on the iPhone,” Stiller revealed. “So we would just drive and play Taylor Swift. And I was a fan, but now I think I’m a total Swiftie.”

As for the music the Zoolander star enjoyed, he explained, “We got into the later stuff: [the albums] evermore folklore — about ‘Cardigan,’ ‘Betty’ and ‘August."”

Noting he’d “get deep into it,” Stiller went into fan mode and educated Colbert about the albums, saying the songs are “all about being in the same love triangle, but from different points of view. And the characters are named after Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively‘s kids.”

Stiller also raved about the 10-minute version of Taylor’s “All Too Well,” knowing that it came “from the vault.”

Colbert flexed his Swiftie muscles, as he also is a fan of the singer, and revealed he spent a 14-hour car ride from New York to South Carolina playing just evermore on repeat. “I’ll just be muttering those lyrics on my deathbed,” the comedian quipped.

So, what happened with Stiller’s daughter? She thankfully passed her driving test, which he credited again to Taylor’s calming music.

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